The Story:

At 17 years old, Vicky had a stroke that left her with amnesia and almost blind. She had a very difficult recovery but with the help of her mom she graduated High School and eventually got a job. She worked for many years but in 2008, her health issues kept getting worse and she had to apply for Social Security.

Vicky applied for DRS services and during her initial interview with her Counselor, Simonne Jones, they discovered that she could turn what she thought was a just a hobby into a business. She had been crocheting and knitting since she had her stroke. First, she used it as therapy, and then she kept doing it because she loved it; now, Vicky has started her own business called WiiVii Knit Designs.

DRS assisted Vicky with TAP and ABLE training and she received a CCTV that she uses to read her knitting patterns, a magnifier to help with her stitching, a computer with a program that would read materials to her, and the startup funds for supplies and materials for her business among other things.


“DRS and my counselor, Simonne, have provided me with a purpose again and I am now excited about my future."


Simonne Jones


Diabetes, Stroke (that caused her Blindness)


Counseling and guidance, information and referrals, TAP program, Pharmacy for the first three months, Low vision aids, Transportation, Funding for Blindness Conferences to Oklahoma Council for the Blind (OCB) and/or National Federation of the Blind (NFB) trainings.