The Story:

Todd’s story started when he began believing in God and accepting Jesus Christ as his savior. He had made many mistakes over the years and dealt with high anxiety and social exclusivity among other issues. One of those mistakes landed him in prison for 15 years. Nearing the end of his incarceration, he was accepted to the Living Faith Ministry where they helped him deepen his relationship with Christ. He was extremely behind with basic health needs and his knowledge of technology.

Todd applied for DRS services in April of 2015 and was assigned Janice Seard as his Counselor. She was there to help him in any way she could, and he felt very comfortable sharing with her as he believes she is very compassionate and caring. His health needs were addressed and he got an eye exam and glasses. For the first few months, he was unable to find employment and felt his anxiety rise. He eventually was hired part time at a computer company, but it was hard for him to learn technology. His Counselor suggested going to a Career Tech Center to get some training.

DRS helped pay for a computer class at Metro Technology Center and this was his turning point in life. While at Metro Tech he maintained a 4.0 GPA and was named Student of the Year in 2016. Today, because of the technology that he learned at Metro Tech, Todd is able to have a career as a Copier Service Technician. Todd says he is very thankful for Janice and DRS.


DRS - Janice Seard; DRS Tech - Maria Booker




Counseling and guidance, College/University Training, clothing allowance, Eye Exam and glasses, Job Placement, and Occupational Training and Information and referrals.