The Story:

Sandra is a retired Nurse that likes to stay busy. She contacted DRS in 2015 after a fall caused complete blindness in one eye and macular degeneration limited the vision in her other.

DRS has helped Sandra cope with her new reality through training, she has attended TAP and ABLE, she attended the Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired to learn Braille and received orientation and mobility training. Sandra is now able to read and write in Braille, takes the bus wherever she needs to go, cooks and has started painting and quilting again.

Sandra is an advocate for people with disabilities and is very passionate about helping others; she attended Disability Awareness Day at the Capitol in March of 2018 and talked to several representatives about how they could help and support different programs. She also volunteers in the information booth at the Tulsa International airport where she has the opportunity to show the public that people with disabilities can do.



Macular Degeneration and Third Nerve Palsy in her left eye


ABLE and TAP, bought her Braille typewriter