Mary Ann

The Story:

Mary Ann is very excited to be a success story for Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS). Jeannette with the Enid office and other staff at the Enid office assisted Mary Ann with services and being successful. She lost her job at Norris and went to Workforce.  She encountered Jody Palmer with Oneida at that time and she was assigned 20 hours a week for 3 years and then Red Cross closed down.  She then met Jeanette through Workforce and she was assigned a job coach, Sindy Clemons and within days she had a job for her. Mr. Kiss had interviews and hired Mary Ann on the spot.

Mary Ann is an award-winning poet for the Western World and makes wonderful poetry as a hobby. She is currently working for the Enid Correctional Center as a Food Specialist III. She also volunteers at My Daily Bread and serves the homeless. Mary Ann leaves us with a quote “If the tools are laying around, pick them up, if the door is closed, push it open.” 


“I can’t say enough accolades for the Enid DRS office; they threw a life raft to me. I can pay all my bills and it gives a sense of security and peacefulness – a solid foundation. I have learned a great deal about facing poverty head on and I have learned a lot about myself.”




Counseling and Guidance; Vocational Evaluation; Physical Restoration (glasses, vision and eye exam and cataracts; Job Placement; Assessment; Information and Referral Services