The Story:

James went from married to separated, sleeping in a car and homeless over a period of time. He was trying to start a new life while renting a shop for living purposes and staying at a church. Thankfully, he got started with DRS through a referral from Workforce. Valerie, with the McAlester office, provided him the much needed counseling and guidance to help him become a business owner. Through a self-employment plan and a 6-week small business course at Kiamichi Vo-Tech, James became certified as a Comp Tia A+ Certification holder (IT).

James now owns his own Repair Technician shop called “Recovery Technology by James”, where fixes screens on phones, equipment such as computers and other technological items and loves his job.  He also has a new sign out front and has custom shirts that bear the shop’s name. DRS assisted him in getting the sign and shirts. James has his own sign in his shop that reads, “Homeless to Business Owner to giving back to the Community, Thank you Jesus, amen.” 


"Barriers that DRS helped me overcome were helping me become my own boss with my own hours and I push myself daily. I have also started communicating better and am now common law married to my wife again. I have bounced on rock bottom to realize what was going on and the last 6 months I have been more proactive and self-conscious.”

James also comments “I am giving back to the community. Last year, I donated $500.00 in school supplies to Krebs, William Gage and Emerson Schools. I have also been able to support the Oklahoma Project Woman where women can get tested for breast cancer. For each $10.00 repair, I donated to the cause and ended up raising $800.00 and had a pink beard for the cause."


Depression; Avoidant Personality Disorder; ADD; Major Depressive Affective Disorder


Counseling and Guidance; Training – Comp Tia – A+ Certification; Uniforms; Physical Restoration (glasses), Tools; Assessment; Self-Employment plan services; Small Business courses; Start-up money; Information and Referral Services