The Story:

Gerald got his Bachelor of Arts in Substance Abuse Studies thanks to the help of the Delaware Nation Vocational Rehabilitation Program (DNVR). He also accomplished an Associate of Arts degree in Criminal Justice. 

While working on his degree Gerald endured many hardships. He stayed at a homeless shelter and, at times, he had to do his homework under a flashlight; some days he was ready to cash it all in and give up, but with the assistance and encouragement from the staff at DNVR he was able to finish his degree. 

Gerald has strong convictions in pursuit of working with individuals suffering from addiction because he has endured the same affliction, and it is his desire now to work with the Native population because he is aware of the issues in his community. 

Gerald would like to thank his Counselors, Shellean Garcia and Rachel Allen, as they both helped him rise above adversity during his case. He is now working at the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (ODMHSAS), and enjoys what he feels is his calling. He still wants to pursue a Master of Arts in Substance Abuse Studies and he wants to get his license to be an Alcohol and Drug Counselor. 

Gerald still remembers when many skeptics were not on his side and they said he would not get through with what he had set up for himself; however, he had many of the right people in his corner and with the right support and his desire, he was able to overcome.


Shellean Garcia and Rachel Allen


Diabetes, PTSD


Transportation, Counseling and Guidance, Clothing Allowance, Job Placement, Training, Physical Restoration, Job Readiness Training and Information and Referral.