The Story:

Felicia moved to Oklahoma in 2015 from Georgia, she knew about Vocational Rehabilitation because she received services there, but when she reached out to DRS in Oklahoma her life changed.

She has Congenital Cataracts, and because of it, she has no peripheral vision and light sensitivity. When she came to DRS, her Counselor Simonne Jones asked her if she knew how to use a cane and when Felicia told her that she did not she was immediately enrolled in TAP and ABLE, both trainings gave her independence and a new perspective of what she could accomplish in life.

As a career goal Felicia wanted to become a Receptionist, so her Counselor encouraged her to start the 10-month receptionist training at DRS. By the time she was done with the training Felicia had a new job lined up. Her receptionist career was short lived, as she got a promotion and became the first blind Employment Consultant in Oklahoma.

After some more consideration Felicia now wants to become a social worker and is going to school to get her Master’s with the help of DRS. She has also received assistive technology training and devices, low vision aids, adaptive equipment, clothing assistance, on the job training, counseling and guidance and other services.


"DRS has given me the tools to move forward. I still have work to do and to work hard but I know that I have the assistance of DRS and my counselor whenever I need it."


Simonne Jones


Congenital Cataracts and Diabetes


Assistive Technology training and devices, college assistance, rehabilitation teaching, orientation and mobility, Work Assistive technology evaluation and devices, diagnosis and treatment services, low vision aids, adaptive equipment, counseling and guidance, information and referrals, TAP program, transportation, Funding for Blindness Conferences to OCB and/or NFB training, clothing assistance, on the job training, and reader services.