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Oklahoma State University
Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council

ORC - Serving All Oklahomans with Disabilities

Important Links

United States Congress Links

United States Senate Office Website

United States House of Representatives Official Website

Oklahoma House of Representatives Links

Oklahoma House of Representatives Official Website

Oklahoma House Majority Leadership & Minority Leadership

Oklahoma Senate Links

Oklahoma State Senate Official Site

Watch or List to the Oklahoma Senate in Session
You can also tune in to committee meetings in Senate Rooms 419C and 511A.

Oklahoma House and Senate Bills

At this screen, select 'House' or 'Senate,' select the 'session year,' and then, select the 'a bill status.' For example, to find out what House bills have been introduced in 2014, select 'House,' select '2014,' then, select 'Introduced.' Then, click on 'Search.' A table will appear showing bill numbers, introduction dates, titles and authors. To read a bill, click on the 'bill number.'

Oklahoma Constitution and Statutes

Oklahoma Policy Institute

A resource for information on current Oklahoma issues, budget, tax policy, and news on state legislative and policy issues.


Get the tools to help you and your clients register to vote with contact information for their local Oklahoma candidates at:  

How to Register to Vote

Oklahoma Election Board - This is a skip ahead page for those who know what they are looking for.