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Oklahoma State University
Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council

ORC - Serving All Oklahomans with Disabilities

Council Committees

The Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council is served by actively working commitees. Descriptions of the four committees follow with links to their work products.


Executive Committee

Comprised of the SRC Chair, Vice-Chair, and 3 members-at-large. The Executive Committee also consists of the Associate Director and Director of Sponsored Programs of the OSU, Department of Wellness, who oversees the contractual administration of the ORC. Ensures that committees are assigned to meet the requirements of Section 105 of the Rehab Act with regard to the following activities:

  • Public Hearings
  • State Plan
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Annual Report


Lori Chesnut, Chair

  • Tim Yeahquo, Vice-Chair
  • Tracy Brigham
    SBVI Division Administrator
  • Melinda Fruendt
    DRS Director
  • Mark Kinnison
    VR Division Administrator
  • Jeff Newton, Member-at-Large
  • Jen Randle, Member-at-Large

Transition Committee

Active participation on the Oklahoma Transition Council. Support DRS with statewide efforts to enhance transition activities and services for youth in secondary settings to increase successful employment outcomes.


Lori Chesnut, Chair

  • Brandi Hurley, Associate Member
  • Renee Sansom, Associate Member
  • Vikki Walls
  • Melanie Berry

Employment Committee

With an increased emphasis on employment under the new Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), this committee will work together to strengthen coordination with employment and training services for individuals with disabilities who are job seekers.


Jen Randle, Chair

  • Kelli Bates
  • Rick DeRenneaux
  • Bill Dunham
  • Donna Sanders
  • Suzanne Williams
  • Fatos Floyd, Associate Member

Policy and Legislative Committee

Activities include, but are not limited to, advocacy and education, policy and State Plan review, State Plan Public Hearings and Success Stories. Also, responsible for the reviewing/monitoring of pending and current disability-related legislation, particularly with respect to impact on funding; suggest/develop legislation as needed. Active participation on the DRS Policy Re-engineering Committee. Support DRS with both national and state efforts to enhance advocacy activities and services for VR/VS clientele.


Jeff Newton, Chair

  • Audrey Farnum
  • Bill Dunham
  • Wade Walters
  • Tim Yeahquo
  • Kevin Nelson, Associate Member
  • William Ginn

Planning & Program Evaluation Committee

Review, analyze and advise DSU on the standards and indicators as laid out by Section 106 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. Active participation on the DRS State Plan Meetings. Active participation on the DRS Comprehensive Needs Assessment development initiative. Analyze the trends of the Customer Satisfaction Survey.


  • Shelley Gladden
  • Jeff Newton
  • Vikki Walls
  • Tina Calloway, Associate Member
  • Stephanie Roe, Associate Member
  • Kevin Randall
  • Tiffany Davis, Associate Member