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Oklahoma State University
Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council

ORC - Serving All Oklahomans with Disabilities

2015-16 Committee Work (FFY16)

Work of the ORC Committees

Examples of work and links minutes can be accessed by scrolling down to see each committee's recent work and minutes from meetings. Alternately, click the committee name below to go directly to a particular committee's section:


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee oversees the contractual administration of the ORC. It ensures that committees are assigned to meet the requirements of Section 105 of the Rehab Act including providing notices of public hearings, the State Plan, comprehensive needs assessment, customer satisfaction and the annual report.

Establishing a Food Policy for the Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council is a duty of the Executive Committee.


2016 - July 21  |  Word  |  PDF

2016 - March 31  |  Word PDF

2016 - February 18  |  Word  |  PDF

2016 - January 12  |  Word  |  PDF

Employment Committee

With an increased emphasis on employment under the new Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), this committee will work together to strengthen coordination with employment and training services for individuals with disabilities who are job seekers.

This committee was formed late in the 2015-16 operational year so minutes are available for..


2016 - September 15 | Word  |  PDF

Policy and Legislative Committee

Activities include, but are not limited to, advocacy and education, policy and State Plan review, State Plan Public Hearings and Success Stories. This committee is also responsible for the reviewing/monitoring of pending and current disability-related legislation.

The committee, along with the staff, decided a simple card with a strong message could be used to connect with legislators and the public. Two versions were produced – the one shown here specifically addresses Oklahoma's legislators.

Dear Legislator Primer (front side)

Dear Legislator Primer (back side)


Department of Rehabilitation Services Policy

2016 - September 15 | Word  |  PDF

2016 - June 27 |  Word  |  PDF

2016 - March 31 |  Word  |  PDF

2016 - February 18  |  Word  |  PDF

2016 - January 6  |  Word  |  PDF

Click this link to read more about Oklahoma's policy,
on the DRS website.

Program and Planning Evaluation Committee

The Program and Planning Evaluation Committee reviews, analyzes and advises DSU on the standards and indicators as laid out by Section 106 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. Members also actively participate on the Department of Rehabilitation Services State Plan Meetings and the DRS Comprehensive Needs Assessment. They also analyze the trends of the customer satisfaction survey.


Statewide Needs Assessment -

A report on the service needs of individuals with disabilities in the state of Oklahoma (2014-16)

2016 - September 15  |  Word  |  PDF

2016 - July 7  |  Word  |  PDF

2016 - March 28  |  Word  |  PDF

2016 - February 18  |  Word  |  PDF

2016 - January 8  |  Word  |  PDF

Four formats (OKDRS_Statewide-Needs-Assessment_2014-2016)

  |  Large Print JAWS  |  PDF


Transition and Employment Committee

This committee supports DRS with statewide efforts to enhance transition activities and services for youth in secondary settings to increase successful employment outcomes.

They develop, and oversee, several publications that are provided as part of the transition process. Click the images below to download a Word doc or PDF of the publication.

Transition Folder (English)
Transition Folder (Spanish)

Your Transition Care
Notebook (PDF)


2015 Student Earned
Income Exclusion (Word)

Transition - Keeping Track of Your Progress Social Security Fact Sheet

Link to DRS'
School-to-Work page


Link to DRS'
Resources for
Transition Students


2016 - September 15  Word  |  PDF

2016 - July 14  |  Word  |  PDF

2016 - March 29  |  Word  |  PDF

2016 - February 18  |  Word  |  PDF

2016 - January 12  |  Word  |  PDF