Jason worked in the oilfield for 30 years and was laid off. At that point he put in an application for unemployment, which didn’t pay as much as he wanted. He worked odd jobs here and there and put an application in at ODOT. After his interview with ODOT, he received a call for him…Continue readingJason


James went from married to separated, sleeping in a car and homeless over a period of time. He was trying to start a new life while renting a shop for living purposes and staying at a church. Thankfully, he got started with DRS through a referral from Workforce. Valerie, with the McAlester office, provided him…Continue readingJames

Mary Ann

Mary Ann is very excited to be a success story for Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS). Jeannette with the Enid office and other staff at the Enid office assisted Mary Ann with services and being successful. She lost her job at Norris and went to Workforce.  She encountered Jody Palmer with Oneida at that time…Continue readingMary Ann


The Woodward office assisted Taylor with services and being successful. He received assistance through receiving college training for his Bachelor’s Degree in History from North West Oklahoma State.  Without the assistance from DRS, he would not be able to have an education nor information for applying for jobs. Taylor volunteered at the Woodward Pioneer Museum…Continue readingTaylor


Garret was in his senior year at Norman High School when he started Project SEARCH at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Norman; he went through the interview process in 2015 and was selected as one of the first students to participate in the program. Project SEARCH follows the school year calendar and the students go…Continue readingGarrett


Felicia moved to Oklahoma in 2015 from Georgia, she knew about Vocational Rehabilitation because she received services there, but when she reached out to DRS in Oklahoma her life changed. She has Congenital Cataracts, and because of it, she has no peripheral vision and light sensitivity. When she came to DRS, her Counselor Simonne Jones…Continue readingFelicia


Collier was born and raised in Oklahoma City. Her upbringing on the outside looked like a decent one; she attended a private school however but she did not like it. Her classmates were mean to her and when she was in her sophomore year, she was asked to leave that school. She ultimately moved to…Continue readingCollier


Transition CaseChelsea has Type 1 Diabetes; she is 28 years old now but she started getting DRS Services when she was 18 and a freshman in College.  She found out about DRS through some friends at Diabetes Camp, they had been getting services for a while and they told her she could probably qualify for…Continue readingChelsea


Gerald got his Bachelor of Arts in Substance Abuse Studies thanks to the help of the Delaware Nation Vocational Rehabilitation Program (DNVR). He also accomplished an Associate of Arts degree in Criminal Justice.  While working on his degree Gerald endured many hardships. He stayed at a homeless shelter and, at times, he had to do…Continue readingGerald


Julia is a 26-year old Native American woman from rural Red Rock, OK. She has glaucoma and became a client when she was a junior in High School when the Oklahoma Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation (OKTVR) helped her with the ACT costs and additional testing fees. The support continued on into college where OKTVR helped with…Continue readingJulia


Kenneth reached out to the Cherokee Nation Employment Program for help to find a job. There his Counselor, Mary Ross, assisted him to obtain a day work position in the area of Culinary Arts; however, due to extreme shyness he was removed from this position. The Cherokee Nation VR Program provided Kenneth with Counseling and…Continue readingKenneth


Lyndsi was injured while she was in High School, and because of it, she needed a sedentary career field. Once she graduated, and in order for her to have a successful employment outcome, she needed to obtain a higher education degree. Lyndsi attended Southeastern Oklahoma State College where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in the…Continue readingLyndsi


Mary reached out to the Cheyenne Arapaho VR Program after applying to various job positions and not having any luck finding a job. There, her Counselor, Tim Yeahquo, talked to Mary and started helping her with her job search. After some searching, her counselor, Tim, talked to Mary about a receptionist position. She applied for…Continue readingMary


Renee was born legally blind and graduated from the Oklahoma School for the Blind and had virtually no work experience. She was a stay-at-home wife and mother until her husband was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer. She turned to DRS and Visual Services for help finding work. Her counselor arranged a meeting with the…Continue readingRenee


Rhonda was diagnosed with an acute case of Retinitis Pigmentosa affecting her since birth. She attended public school through the 5th grade with much difficulty and was then transferred to the Oklahoma School for the Blind in Muskogee where she graduated in 1977. With skilled teachers at OSB, she was able to graduate a year…Continue readingRhonda


Roger had the goal to return to work and his paraplegia was not going to stop him. He came to DRS and after two years and help for van modifications; he was able to do it. The new van also gave him overall independence to be able to drive and take care of personal businessContinue readingRoger


Sandra is a retired Nurse that likes to stay busy. She contacted DRS in 2015 after a fall caused complete blindness in one eye and macular degeneration limited the vision in her other. DRS has helped Sandra cope with her new reality through training, she has attended TAP and ABLE, she attended the Hadley Institute…Continue readingSandra


Todd’s story started when he began believing in God and accepting Jesus Christ as his savior. He had made many mistakes over the years and dealt with high anxiety and social exclusivity among other issues. One of those mistakes landed him in prison for 15 years. Nearing the end of his incarceration, he was accepted…Continue readingTodd


At 17 years old, Vicky had a stroke that left her with amnesia and almost blind. She had a very difficult recovery but with the help of her mom she graduated High School and eventually got a job. She worked for many years but in 2008, her health issues kept getting worse and she had…Continue readingVicky