Wanda was diagnosed with Macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetes about 13 years ago. Two and a half years ago, she had a stroke that affected her right side. In addition to her own health issues, her husband passed away. She has received services from Ani Severtsen from Visual Services. With Ani’s assistance, she received a…Continue readingWanda


Rachel is a 21 year old citizen of the Chickasaw Nation. She came to the Chickasaw Nation Vocational Rehabilitation (CNVR) program requesting training for a career that would work with her hearing disability. Rachel went to school to be a Dental Assistant. She now works for the Chickasaw Nation Medical Center in the Dental Clinic.…Continue readingRachel


Micah was born with Down Syndrome. He applied for services after he graduated from high school and together with his counselor and the Chickasaw Nation Child Development Center they created a position in which Micah is responsible for cleaning the center’s large amount of laundry. Micah worked with job coaches for months to learn his…Continue readingMicah


Misty came to the Chickasaw Nation Vocational Rehabilitation Department recently after receiving a left, below the knee, amputation due to diabetes. In October 2015, Misty developed the same condition (Charcot foot) on her right foot and spent several months in a wheelchair.  She was prescribed a CROW boot. She received services that allowed her to…Continue readingMisty


Mark was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis when he was 6 years old and it took a big toll on his health. As a young adult he dedicated his life to learn all aspects of farm and ranch management but when he was in his late 20’s, he had farming accident that severely injured his…Continue readingMark

Manuel aka “Fabian”

Fabian started with DRS as a junior in High School with Charles Nichols as his counselor.  He was assisted with transition services and modifications to his home. After Charles, Donna DeSalvo assisted with getting Embark services where he could utilize transportation. She helped with a job coach and Metro-Tech while he worked at summer school.Continue readingManuel aka “Fabian”


Harvey was injured in an automobile accident in 1983 at the age of 34. As you can imagine, the loss of mobility at that age can be a challenging obstacle to overcome. Harvey didn’t give up on life and went on to obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology.  The Choctaw Nation Vocational Rehabilitation…Continue readingHarvey


Bonnie received assistance from the Cherokee National Vocational Rehabilitation (CNVR) Program with the cost of education, providing guidance and counseling, giving encouragement and “helping believe in myself”. Bonnie is currently employed through Bailey Medical Center in Owasso.Continue readingBonnie


Bruce is very excited to be a success story for the Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS). Jill Oliver from the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Unit at DRS assisted Bruce in his success and Jeff Morton at Dale Rogers Training Center helped Bruce find a job that fit his skillset. Bruce has had many years’…Continue readingBruce


Cheryl is working as a Specialist of the Blind for Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) in the Visual Services Division and loves her job. She started with DRS 2 years ago with Judy Booklover and then most recently Shirota Hearne as her Visual Services Counselors. She has also been assisted by Deborah Trout (Orientation and…Continue readingCheryl


Charles is currently employed at Northeastern Health Services as a 1st year resident in Tahlequah, OK. He graduated in 2012 with a B.S. in Biology from Cameron University in Lawton, OK. He will graduate on May 13th, 2017 from OSU-CHS in Tulsa with his Doctorate in Osteopathy.Continue readingCharles


Erica graduated from Meeker High School and soon began working as a para professional for the 5 Star Inter-local Coop and her worksite is Meeker Public Schools.  Her Special Education teacher, Troylene Kinnamon asked if she was interested in the position, she interviewed and then was asked to fill the opening as an on-the-job training. …Continue readingErica


Christi was diagnosed with anxiety back in 2008 and she had extreme panic attacks to where she wouldn’t leave her house.  Between the Mental Health Counselor, medications and DRS (in particular Krista), she finally got her anxiety and other disorders under control.  She attended Culinary Tech School at OSU-Okmulgee and graduated with honors in December…Continue readingChristi


Zane started his career for the City of Watonga doing School Work Study in the Watonga High School his senior year under the transition program. Zane had 2 counselors during his time at DRS, but the end counselor was Amy Martin in the Weatherford office. The family was impressed with how wonderful the coordination with…Continue readingZane


Giovanni began his journey with DRS as a transition student from Owasso Public Schools.  There, he learned how to work through the work site programs at the High School.  He has done many jobs at the school, but he really likes his current job.  He has several different job titles and he enjoys changing it…Continue readingGiovanni


Kidada has been working at McDonald’s in Ada, OK. She looked for 3 years by herself and finally got some assistance through Brenda Brashear at DRS through a job coach.  At that time, Not Just Jobs helped her with applications, interviews and on the job training.  Her job coach, Jamie, went with her to McDonalds…Continue readingKidada


Molly has been working at the Stephens County Courthouse for the past 15 + years as a court reporter.  About 4 years ago, she learned from a family member about DRS services and she had noticed her hearing was leaving her rapidly.  She feared losing her job as it is important to hear while being…Continue readingMolly


Michael was getting to where he couldn’t see to read or drive and that is the way he makes a living.  Driving an 18 wheeler is what he has done for 30 years and he was faced with a DOT physical and he wasn’t going to pass it for not being able to see.  This…Continue readingMichael


Nathan is a Family Medicine Physician’s Assistant at Variety Care in Oklahoma City. Variety Care is a facility that takes patients with no insurance. They have a passion of giving back to the community. Nathan completed 15 months of rotations all over the state of Oklahoma and during that time, DRS helped him get to…Continue readingNathan


Carlos is a peer mentor working at OU Medical Center as a volunteer while he is currently working on obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. He has certifications in peer mentoring with OU Medical Center, United Spinal and Reeve Foundation.    Carlos was involved in a car accident in 2013 and was hit by a…Continue readingCarlos