Advocacy Toolbox

Who We Are and Why We Did This

The Advocacy Toolbox is a project of the Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council. It is modeled after the Health Advocacy Toolbox by the Connecticut Health Policy Project.

The mission of the Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council (ORC) is to facilitate consumer education and empowerment, to assure services are of high quality, and lead to employment of individuals with disabilities in the State of Oklahoma. This Toolbox addresses the consumer education and empowerment aspect of our mission. Many of us feel disaffected and helpless to change policies that aren’t really working or that it takes a lot of money and/or time to be effective. Often it seems like the systems are extremely complex and only professionals can have an impact.

The truth is that average citizens, with minimal time commitments, can be very effective and it doesn’t have to cost anything. Policymakers are invariably moved by real stories from real people. All that is needed are the right tools.

The tips and procedures provided in the Toolbox are built to give people the skills they need to address the problems they face. The goal of the Toolbox is skill development that consumers will use to benefit their own issues.

It is our hope that the Toolbox provides a realistic framework of information and resources for interested consumers to make your voices heard with the strength that comes from knowledge – drawing back the curtain on what too often appears to be a closed process.